At Connolly & Rooney we can assist you in the analysis and/or due diligence related to the acquisition of or sale of a small or medium business entity, including assisting you in:

• Determining the scope of due diligence and documentary requirements;

• Negotiating the purchase or sale of a small business entity, at all stages;

• Coordinating efforts with accountants, insurance agents, and other professionals to assure you will be satisfied that you have entered into a sound and profitable transaction; and

• Closing the transaction successfully and on time, with proper documentation.
Some of the strategies and documents that may be involved include:

Seller side considerations
— Succession Planning within a family or trusted employee group.
— Intrafamily special considerations of pricing and/or terms.
— Intrafamily special considerations when you wish to benefit non-business family members.
— Sale agreement negotiations and support.
— Due diligence support in the sale process.
— Installment sale options.
— Closing representation.

Buyer side considerations
— Purchase agreement negotiations and support.
— Due diligence support in the purchase process.
— Closing representation.

Tax Aspects
— Assistance in planning for maximum “tax efficiency” in either sale or purchase.
— Sale of personal good will situations.
— Installment sale situations.
— Section 1031 “Like Kind” exchange situations.

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