Connolly & Rooney can assist you in settling the affairs of a deceased family member or friend, including:

• All aspects of probate administration;

• Intervivos trust administration (separate from the probate process);

• Arranging for payment of life insurance, annuity and deferred compensation benefits;

• Preparing and filing all income tax returns required by or in relation to a decedent, an estate and/or any trusts involved;

• Pursuing or defending any matters before the probate court;

• Assisting with analysis of the death tax filing and payment obligations, through audit of any returns required; and

• Providing all documents, reports, returns or other materials required to effectively and efficiently administer an estate and/or trust.</br>

Some of the strategies and documents that may be involved include:

Estate or Probate Related
— Formal probate administration of all types.
— Waiver of administration arrangements.
— Summary administration arrangements.
— Collection of assets, determination of what is subject to administration.
— Inventories and valuation of assets.
— Accountings and distributions.
— Special situations involving disputes and/or business assets.

Trust Administration Related
— Funding trusts while alive.
— Acceptance of Trusteeship.
— Certification of Trust.
— Records and administration procedures.
— Accountings.
— Tax reporting.
— Investments and dispositions.
— Terminations and distributions.

Guardianships and Conservatorships
— Guardianships of minors.
— Guardianships of adults.
— Conservatorships of adults – voluntary assistance arrangements.

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